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Agency Resources - Add/Edit/Delete Agency Resources
Last Updated a year ago

This process is used to add/edit/delete Agency Resources.  These can be accessed via the app on the "Lighthouse" button or on a desktop by going to, entering the agency code, and clicking "My Agency's Resources".

STEP 1 - Go to
STEP 2 - Enter your agency code (this can be found on the Lighthouse Passwords and Logins email)
STEP 3 - Click "My Agency's Resources"
STEP 4 - Click the "Agency Admin" button
STEP 5 - Enter your username and password. If you forget your password please use the "Forgot Password" button to create a new password
STEP 6 - Click the "Edit Agency Resources" button.  Add/Edit/Delete information in the text box.
STEP 7 - Click "Update"

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