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User Groups - Create a User Group and Add Users
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User groups can be created and edited directly on the CMS. The functionality for this can be to:
- Give a certain group of people access to a specific icon
- Be able to send a push notification to a specific group of people
- Allow a certain group of people admin access to a message board

PART 1 - Creating a Group
- Log in to the CMS.  Select "Users and Groups" from the top right menu.
- Select the "User Groups" tab. 
- Click the "Add New" button
- Fill in the information and press "Save"

PART 2 - Adding a person to a group
- From the "Users and Groups" Menu Item Click "App Users"
- Click "Add User"
- Fill in their information and select the checkboxes for the groups they will be in
- Click "Save"

PART 3 - Assign someone to a specific group
- Log in to the CMS. Select "Users and Groups" from the top right menu.
- Click on the pencil icon next to the user that you'd like to assign 
- Scroll down and place a check mark next to the groups that you'd like the user to have access to
- Press "Save"

PART 4 - Give a user access to post into a specific group 
- Log in to the Apex User Portal/ ApexCards via your agency's URL
- Click "Groups"
- Click "Manage" next to the group that you'd like to add admin access
- Find the user that you'd like to add as an admin
- Click "Make admin" next to that person's name

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